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Great Journey praised as "the future of children's adventure games" (Dec 29, 2003)
GamersEurope.com previews Great Journey (Oct 27, 2003)
ComputerGames.ro previews Great Journey (Oct 24, 2003)
AdventureGamers.com previews Great Journey (Oct 13, 2003)
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Box cover
Genre: adventure/action
Ages: 6-12 years old

Minimal hardware requirements:

Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
Pentium 400
16 MB graphic card (nVidia TNT2 class)
CD-ROM x 6
Sound card

Great Journey

Do you like adventures?
Would you like to travel the world?

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Old Port
Old Port - your adventure begins here

Then don't waste any more time and join Tony and Annie on their mission to save Antarctica, home of their dear friends!

Immerse in a thrilling adventure and visit lots of vibrant sceneries - from small port towns, through hot, sandy deserts and damp, colorful jungle, all the way to the land of snow and ice.

Based on a mainstream technology from our previous game - Grom, making use of enchanting, prerendered backgrounds and smoothly animated, real-time 3D characters, the game looks and feels different than other titles from this genre available on the market today.

Jungle - come to visit a castaway on Crocodile Island
"Simply beautiful! I haven't had such a lovely children game in my hands in a long time. Maybe even at all!"
Gry OnLine
rated at:


Just take a moment and let me tell you what awaits you in Great Journey:

Colorful and enchanting scenery, rarely seen in games from this genre. Discover beautifully rendered backgrounds (just like in Monsters Inc. or Finding Nemo) and vividly animated real-time 3D characters.
5 chapters full of adventure and more than 30 locations from all over the world. Start from the old port town, then sail to sandy Africa and later visit lush, tropical jungle at Crocodile Island. Next, find your way to the mysterious Easter Island and eventually prepare for a dramatic finale on icy Antarctica!
7 mini-games will provide lots of action for everyone. Play soccer with an African shaman, save the port from a garbage flood, feed the monkey, photograph whales and do lots of other crazy stuff. Challenge your family or friends for the best score or play together in multiplayer modes.
Ecological storyline with NO violence. Great Journey, promoting empathy and understanding, is the best thing for everyone.
Mouse based interface where one click is just enough to do pretty much everything you want. It's slick, simple and kids love it!


"As far as games for children go, Great Journey is almost a masterpiece!"
GamePub, rated at: 9/10

To hear what others say about Great Journey, make sure to read these press articles (available in English language):

 AdventureGamers.com preview
"Itís not often that an adventure game targeting youths succeeds in capturing the whimsical feel that Great Journey seems to have in spades."

 GameChronicles.com preview and interview
"I am very impressed with my preview copy of Rebelmindís Great Journey. If the two levels of I played are indicative of the final product, both younger gamers and parents alike should be anticipating this title."

 ComputerGames.ro preview
"A kid will be very hard to convince to leave a computer with this game installed. Strangely, my girlfriend also tried the demo and she even told me she would play the final version"

 Just Adventure + preview
"Great Journey does a commendable job of immersing the player into believable childrenís game world and if you manage to pick up a little ecological education along the way, well, as Martha Stewart would say, "Thatís a good thing.""

 Gamers Europe preview
"Having used easily a dozen plus educational packages over the years, Iíve seen some irritating and patronising rubbish. Great Journey understands that children need to be shown what to do and then given free reign to play with their newfound knowledge. "


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